Badger Swagger

Published on Jun 3, 2013

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BADGER SWAGGER has been produced & created by the Artful Badger with a little help from their friends....

Listen in to hear where each artist show cases their amazing skills on the track...

• BRIAN MAY -- Guitar. Piano. 
• SLASH -- Guitar
• SHARA NELSON (Massive Attack) -- Vocals
• KERRY ELLIS -- Vocals
• SONNY GREEN (SGB) -- Rap and verse lyrics
• SAM & THE WOMP -- Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone


WHY? ~

We created this track & music video together to raise awareness on the needless, unscientific, cruel & unwarranted slaughter of one of the British Isles' most beloved and unique creatures. Backed by politics & fear, not science nor public opinion, this expensive & ineffective badger cull could well cause more problems than it cures....even our friend Sir David Attenborough says so!! 

Listen in the track for what he says....




Verse 1:
We love the badgers and they matter to our nanners 
Cameron where's your manners 
why them cameras try scan us 
Some are sitting in a palace champagne and scallops 
Some are in the store house begging for a package 
We can't even manage 
and killing all the badgers aint gonna fix the damage 
It is sinning and drastic 
like killing for plastic 
Most are living brassic 
people back this 
We can't have this evil madness 
Will you tell your grand kids the story of the badgers 
In 40 years time when they've all vanished 
That you was to busy getting dizzy with a gadget 
Sign the Petition get busy and back it 
Listen to the mission see the vision and the tactic 
This will make the difference cos I went and Rob Cass'd it 
Abbey road studios artful badger smacked it 
Yeah I wrote a banger cos with grammar I'm a captain 

Some things are black and white 
Come on we got to win this fight 
Some thing are wrong not right 
So people gotta hold on tight ! 
Some things are like dynamite 
Got to make them see the light 
Some things are black and white 
Come on fight the fight

Verse 2:
Listen to my verse and words In the tune 
It's all going down on the first of June 
People gather round give your point of view 
In the manor underground be the voice for you crew 
Yeah it matters now make a choice for the truth 
You can't cull the badgers if you aint got the proof 
NFU NFU deaths bad karma for your revenue 
NFU NFU it's not a clever move 
I think you better think it through 
Be careful what you do 
Cos the inner city's gritty 
And we don't like the news 
TB just reduced by 16% 
Even if every single badger is dead 
So what's the effect were not impressed 
All the scientists said it doesn't make sense 
Yet the killing goes ahead 
How do you sleep in your bed 
Get Off My Badger or I will get vex! 

Chorus: (as above)

Spoken Word: (Sir David Attenborough)
So the government instituted a major inquiry to establish scientifically the facts. That involved culling 11,000 badgers and the results by the government adviser to that independent scientific group were that culling was not a viable policy option.

Chorus: x 2 (as above) 



The Artful Badger is a live arts & entertainment company, providing bespoke & themed events and entertaining crowds around the UK and Europe. 

They have adopted the badger as their totem to represent their feral spirit and now the tables have turned on this protected animal and these Badgers-most-Artful won't stand for it! 



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